Monday, 11 May 2015


FernFlower was quite a ride. I've enjoyed the process as much as I felt in love with the story and characters. So natural part was for me to start thinking about expanding universe.
First idea that hit me during the creation process was making a game. A 2.5D adventure game. Or Maybe a platformer? I've been watching a 'DoubleFine ADVENTURE!' documentary and have a weak spot for UbiArt titles. Both have a very amazing art style, carefully detailed backgrounds and really nice looking characters. Speaking of backgrounds - I should add Ori and the Blind Forest to this list. Even tho I haven;t played this game yet I saw some concept art on Artstation.
So yeah, first idea - game. Story could stay the same and the journey thru the forest could be a main part of the gameplay. Multiple traps, platforms, puzzles to solve. Goal - get the Fern Flower. Everything ending with the epic battle between Boy and Vodyanoy. Since Boy would be a playable character I could use a Girl as a sidekick or a mascot. Or maybe give her also some abilities and allow player to switch between both of them? In terms of art style I feel like Broken Age is the closes to what I'd like to achive if I'd ever emabrk on making such complex thing.
Second idea - comic. Which is kinda obvious choice. Original thing is an animation so comic book coming out along it seems normal. In terms of story, again it can be increased by showing their actual journey thru the forest.
Third thing that hit me after completing FernFlower was making it into series. Using this style, imitating puppet theatre, to tell the stories based on various myths, folk tales and legends. It could be interesting. My husband also suggested that it could be cool not to have dialogue, just a music and let parents tell the story to the kids. The breakdown of whats happening could be included in the description or in form of subtitles. When I was a kid my mum used to tell us tales by showing different slides on the oldfashioned projector. It really made those moments special. I feel that giving too much information in one go limits children's imagination as they are already told by the thing what's going on.
At this point I'm unsure if any of those ideas become reality, but it would be totally awesome if they did.

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